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MEET Dave Stamm

Experienced CEO/CFO and HOA President

I purchased my home at Lake Almanor in 1986. Many of you may have noticed the STAMM sign on the way to the Point. My extended family spent every summer here for 20 years and now Elena and I are year round residents.

Lake Almanor and the community have touched so many lives in my extended family of parents, sisters, nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren, and Bay Area friends. There is no place on earth like this. The feeling of nature is so incredibly strong no matter the season -- on the water, in the snow, gazing at the night sky, playing a round of golf, battling it out on the tennis and pickleball courts.

Its high time I give back to this community that means so much to me and my extended family and friends.

I have the relevant experience, temperament, free time, and attitude of teamwork to assist in solving the current and looming problems that our HOA is facing.

I will work tirelessly to ensure member issues are addressed promptly, your dues are spent effectively and efficiently, and our team of staff and management firm are working together effectively and efficiently.

You can reach me at daveclar1 @, or with our local area code five three zero , one two zero eight.

Learn more about me here -- Dave Stamm, 69: Charting a New Path - AGEIST

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